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Foreign currency investment (Forex)

Basic Wallet

before you apply

This account is only specialized in investing in the Forex market, Managing your account in this market completely in all aspects, and within special plans,
The mechanism of account management is made by AmanTrader and its crew, and the investor must monitor the account only without any interference in the actions taken for the mutual benefit.

* The investor does not deposit any monetary value in our account, only in the (Forex Brokers), which must be affilated by AmanTrader, this means that the amount of money in your account with the other party -Forex brokers companies in safe hands.

* The investor is only one authorized to withdraw and deposit any amount in the account.

* AmanTrader only manages your account (wallet) within the contract to be agreed by both parties.

* Companies that are dealt with are internationally licensed companies that guarantee the full protection of the investor’s right.

* Risk ratio,
AmanTrader only risks 20% of the capital value,
Example: Capital $10,000, the risk is only $ 2000 and does not increase.

The minimum value for opening this account is $10000 USD, it will deposited in one of the forex brokers recommended by AmanTrader only.

The value of the profits is not fixed at all, but AmanTrader is keen to work non-stop to achieve the required profits.

How to calculate profits?
At the end of each month or at each withdrawal, the profits earned in the account are divided to each party (Investor – AmanTrader).

AmanTrader fees is 30% from the total profit.

Example: When we make a profit of $1000, AmanTrader fees $300 of the from the profit.

When you request to close your account with AmanTrader, no commission is ever requested.

* You can only contact us and inform us formally and will be immediately closed- stope managing your account/wallet.

* If there is any profits in the account made by us, The investor must pay our fees from the total value of the profits.

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